What to Bring Offshore

While drilling companies insist that all you need on board are your personal hygiene items, here are a few suggestions on what might come in handy while on board.

  • Firstly get 2 or three current newspapers. You rarely get a daily paper on board and you will find this a hot commodity amongst your crewmembers. If you keep one for your boss, you will be set for life.
  • Carrying some work clothes that you can wear under your boiler suit is a good idea. These garments will be washed everyday by the rig’s housekeeping team and will keep you comfortable during your long hours of work.
  • If you are a reader, then it’s a good idea to bring a few books, magazines and other items to keep busy during your off periods. However most rigs do have a good library as well if you want to rely on the items on board.
  • It is mandatory to carry your passport as well as a copy of your latest medical fitness certificate and offshore survival certificate.
  • A pair of trainers or flip-flops come in handy during off-shift periods as these is the chosen footwear for most rig workers.
  • You may also carry a few pre-paid phone cards so that you can call home as and when you need, however it is wise to check the policy on board your rig before doing so.