Types of Outsourcing Companies

In the outsourcing industry there are predominantly two types of companies. One is the captive institution, which is a subsidiary of an international business and the other is a third party vendor. Captive chains are usually set up for quality control purposes and in some cases for data protection. HSBC, a leading global bank has a strong captive outsourcing presence via its subsidiary HSBC Global Resourcing, employing close to 40,000 people all over the world.

A number of companies want to outsource but do not want to invest in their own captive subsidiary overseas. In such cases they work with a third party vendor. Accenture, a world renowned consulting company is an excellent example of a third party outsourcing company. Such enterprises offer a range of services from call center to payroll processing to telesales and so on, depending on the needs of the client.

Work is always a little more competitive in a third party company rather than a captive BPO. However the learning potential is exponentially higher since you get the chance to work with different clients and processes. On the flipside, job security is
better in a captive BPO but there is a tendency to get stagnant in your role since the client is always the same.