Transport To and From the Rig

Getting on and off the rig is probably the greatest bone of contention offshore workers have with their career choice. Since the rig is located in the midst of a water body, getting to and from it is only possible through ship or helicopter. In most cases helicopter trips are arranged for transporting crews but very often the weather doesn’t permit the safe movement of workers. In such cases, workers have to be transported by ship, which can take longer and is less comfortable particularly when the weather is bad.

One of the major expenses drilling companies incur is the transport of their workers to and from the rig. This is why they rarely arrange for impromptu or unscheduled trips. If you miss your helicopter, chances are you will not get another one requiring you to
remain on the rig until the next helicopter heads out which will probably be an entire work shift later, at which point you will be expected to return to work.

On the flipside if you miss your pick up to the rig to relieve the existing crew, you will probably lose your job. It is too expensive and complex to organize another trip just for you and organizations have little tolerance for irresponsible workers. This uncompromising approach is essential to maintain the morale of the crews that are looking forward to their breaks and time with their families.