TransCanada: North American Job Opportunities

TransCanada: North American Job Opportunities

TransCanada leads North American energy infrastructure with 65 years of experience by their side. They serve almost all major natural gas supply basins in North America. They are also one of the largest gas storage service providers of North America.

After Observing constant increase in energy sources in the region, TransCanada decided to take following actions:

  • Development of oil pipeline capacity
  • Complementing their natural gas transmission business
  • Drawing on their extensive pipelines experience
  • Offering an efficient way to maximize the value of their current pipeline assets

Job Links: TransCanada:

Business Analyst, Marketing Business Manager – US Midwest, Pipeline Technician, Marketing Business Manager – US West, Buyer, Transmission Mechanic, Supply Chain Strategy Manager, Manager, Supply Chain – US, Operations Sourcing & Contracting, Supply Chain Contract Manager, Contract Analyst, Transmission Mechanic, Manager, U.S. Human Resources, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Measurement Analyst, Warehouse Foreman, Measurement Engineer, Legal Counsel, Measurement & Regulation Mechanic 1, Utility – Pipeliner, Mechanical Technician, Supply Chain Strategy Lead, Leakage / Corrosion Mechanic, Electrical Instrumentation & Controls Technician, Welder, Compliance & Labor Relations Analyst, Heavy Equipment Operator, Facilities Technician, Measurement & Regulation Mechanic, Tax Manager, U.S Income Tax, Automation & Electrical Mechanic