Top Offshore Jobs for Your Consideration

Are you a professional planning on joining the offshore oil and gas industry as an employee? If so then you need to know some of the top offshore jobs since no one would be willing to leave their current employer and go for a low paying job unless their doing it for the fun of it.

You must have realized that the offshore industry no longer involves working under oil-soaked overalls; most of the work is automated. The physical work also requires professionals. Offshore companies pay more than their counter parts on the mainland. Below are a few of the top offshore jobs you may consider in the industry;

top offshore jobs


As a captain you are mandated with the task of navigating the ship carrying the crude oil to the mainland or refinery. You are also tasked to plotting the safest and direct route to the mainland. A tanker captains’ annual salary averages around $120,000.

Drilling consultant

Your main job as a drilling consultant is to oversee the daily operations of the rig. Your will be tasked to ensure that all supplies are made available and there are enough workers on board; all this you do in coordination with a supervisor on the mainland. Drilling consultants will guarantee you one of the best paid offshore jobs with an average annual salary of around $220,000.

Rig Electrician

Your task will be to install and maintain the various electrical apparatus on the rig; this may include panels, wiring conduits, pumps and other electrical systems. You will however need a license to be employed as an electrician to earn an average annual salary of around $90,000.