Subsea Engineer

The subsea engineer forms a part of the rig maintenance department and is responsible for overseeing the rig’s subsea systems equipment. He will report to the rig maintenance supervisor and has an assistant subsea engineer to help him in his tasks. It is a critical role and requires a strong knowledge of the motion compensation system as well as the Blow Out Preventer. The blow out preventer is an important component of the rig because when effectively utilized it can protect the rig and the crew from damage or loss of life.

A subsea engineer is usually someone who has completed a series of training courses in the subject and will only get this job after a number of years of experience in the function. If this is the role you are interested in, it is best to start out at an entry level position and work towards obtaining an assistant subsea engineer role in which you can build your experience. Annual salary is usually in the range of $60,000 to $80,000.