Satah al-Razboot (SARB) Offshore Oil Field


There are many oil fields located in this world but the Satah al-Razboot (SARB) offshore oil field is having a different position in this line up. This oil field is located near to Abu Dhabi and about 200km northwest to this place. This oil field is expected to add 100,000 more barrels on a daily basis for the overall oil produced in UAE. With this oil field the UAE government also expects to enhance its power for oil production till the year 2016. It’s the ADNOC or known as Abu Dhabi National Oil Company which is the sole owner of this oil field and the developer assigned for it is ADMA-APCO.

In order to carry out the front-end engineering works for this oil field, Flour is assigned as well. For the FEED phase associated with this project more than 180 workers are assigned. It’s the offshore project that is implemented at seven different stages. For the first phase construction and reclamation of 2 artificial islands was decided. These islands will help to progress the drilling works that is needed to extract crude oil at this oil field. It’s the offshore project for this 2 riser platforms are assigned. They have also assigned four flare platforms along with 4 interconnecting bridges.

For this project they also plan to go with a SPM or Single Point Mooring system. These two islands will serve as the bases to drill ad extract the crude oil and this will also helps in eliminating the usage of the offshore rigs.