Pride International

Pride International is another extremely well respected company based out Texas. It is known in particular for its ‘high specification drilling solutions’, which makes it the contractor of choice for a number of global oil companies all over the world. They have a presence in over 15 countries with close to 25 drilling rigs. They largely use drilling platforms for their work and at present are constructing a number of new drill ships off the coast of Korea.

As employers they are known for their strong commitment to workforce safety, development, training and progression. Their compensation and benefits program tops most of the competitors and many who have worked there have good things to say about their open and honest communication approach. They are also known to encourage a comfortable and equal opportunity oriented work culture that attracts many likeminded and hard working workers.

Ensco acquired Pride International on 31st May 2011 and currently any career opportunities you hope to achieve in this organization will have to be routed via Ensco. Ensco has been described in detail in the preceding section so combined; the two make an excellent place to work.