Positions Available for Entry Level Job Seekers in the Offshore Industry

Whether you are newly graduated or you are a generalist you can never miss a job in the offshore industry. With the increasing number of offshore oil and gas rigs coming up every other day, the demand for employees to work on these rigs also increases.

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The pay for entry level positions in the offshore industry is quite better than the same position for those working on the mainland. Before applying for any entry level job in the offshore industry it is good to note that some positions are strenuous and require a lot of physical strength.

With no academic qualifications and rig experience the best entry level jobs to apply for would be a roustabout or roughneck. From these two positions you will be able to learn a lot about rig work and may just be the next driller. As a roustabout you will carry out general maintenance and operations.

Another entry level offshore job position you may consider applying for is the position of boiler operator. This position requires no past experience; your mandate will be to monitor the boiler room operations such as keeping track of the temperature and pressure gauges.

You may also start your offshore career from the positions of kitchen cleaner or kitchen assistant. These $27,000 a year jobs require you to conduct general cleaning of your work area and carry out maintenance of equipment.

You may also apply for the position of scaffold that requires no past experience. This job gives you the responsibility of assembling temporary used in supporting materials and workers during repairs, maintenance and erection of rig structures.