Oil Rig Mechanics

The maintenance department of an oil rig usually employs a number of mechanics as part of their crew to help with maintenance and servicing of equipment. They help to ensure that all the machinery is functioning smoothly by inspecting the hydraulic systems, motors and other machines, using a checklist. When something is not working as it should, they are required to help resolve the issue and restore it back to its original working condition. They are also responsible for working with the storekeeper and ordering supplies as required by the technical personnel of the crew.

The hours of a rig mechanic are long and very often they may have to work extended shifts as the need arises. They should be in excellent physical condition because on many occasions, their work requires them to stand for a long time or crouch in a cramped position.

However it is an excellent way to make good money using your skills. Even if you have basic mechanic skills, you can get an entry-level job on a rig, which pays $50,000 annually. If you are good at your work, you will soon grow and can opt for some of the mainstream positions as described above.