Oil Rig Electricians

Just like the rig mechanics, the maintenance department on board an oil rig employs a number of electricians to help with all the electric and electronic equipment. Oil rig electricians are responsible for installing, servicing, maintaining, troubleshooting, resolving and rectifying electrical machinery on board. They may be expected to review, understand and interpret electrical diagrams and drawings to apply them for rig operations. Ultimately their role is to support the maintenance department in any electrical related task that arises.

The demands of the rig electrician are very similar to the rig mechanic. Long hours, heavy lifting and extended shifts could apply but once again it is an excellent opportunity to use your trade to make good money (annual salary is $55,000 to $65,000). The scope for growth is substantial so many choose this line to get a foot in the door and use it to widen their career prospects.

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