Oil Driller Jobs

An oil driller is assigned the responsibility of supervising the rig crews and ensuring that every task is being performed accurately and  fficiently. He in turn is supervised by the tool pusher or rig manager. An effective oil driller who is good at his job will be a good communicator, have strong attention to detail, be well abreast with government and statutory regulations and have excellent organizational skills. He is in effect a leader and should possess the skills expected of a strong leader.

Apart from overseeing the smooth functioning of the crew, the oil driller also has the following other responsibilities:

  • Supervise the rig crews and ensure that tasks are being performed as per the specifications.
  • Ensure that each member of the crew is observing the work attire and safety regulations.
  • Hold daily safety briefings and assign tasks and responsibilities for the day.
  • Hold and enforce regular drills to promote the safety of all rig workers and the machinery.
  • Conduct periodic tests and assessment of the machinery performance and record performance in the rig logs.
  • Update the personnel and staff files with relevant details.
  • Act as a mentor and supervisor for the new staff who join the rig.

To obtain the oil driller role, a variety of certifications have to be obtained particularly in the area of safety precautions and first aid. Some employers also prefer a bachelor’s degree in engineering. These educational qualification backed by a fair amount of experience on the job propels oil drillers into more senior positions. Salaries at this level usually amount to $17 to $25 per hour with an additional amount as a living allowance.