Offshore Drilling-The End Result of Engineering Marvel

For all those who consider the offshore jobs and are looking forward to a job that is as challenging as it is stimulating, then offshore drilling is the tight job for you. The offshore drilling has been possible because of the marvels of engineering development.

The first rig that was established was made of wood. Since the induction of the concept there have been seen huge developments in the methodology of drilling and setting up more reliable structures. However, if we look at the history of China and the Middle East, oil was extracted from oil wells even before the era of Christ. By the year 1200, spring pole drilling method was used.

The current technology has acquired the level where the procedures like Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) and the development of horizontal wells through the development of down hole mud motors and measurements while drilling tools (MWD) has made drilling of oil easily possible. There were four types of offshore rigs that were developed.

These included submersible rig, the ship shaped rig, the jack up rig and the semi submersible rig. The drill ships and the semi submersible rigs are called floaters. The marine riser, the motion compensation and the station keeping systems are unique to floaters.