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Noble Drilling (Noble Corporation) is one of the oldest drilling companies in the world, operating since 1921. The founders began with one rig and since then it has grown to its current impressive size of 62 offshore drilling units. Recently the company celebrated its 88 birthday, a feat that few other drilling companies have been able to achieve.

Given its age and strong experience in the industry, Noble Drilling is an extremely popular employer for rig workers all over the world. They have a presence in a number of international locations including the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, The North Sea and Africa. In addition, they are known for their extremely advanced and modern drilling equipment providing prospective employees the chance to widen their knowledge and expertise with the latest technology.

Their fleet of 62 units includes all kinds of drilling vessels including floaters, jack ups and drill rigs so you have a chance to work on whatever type of rig you like. The shift is usually 14 days off and on for rigs off the US coast and 28 days on and off for international locations.

Noble Drilling usually holds periodic recruiting events where all interested candidates can stop by for an interview. The details of these events are all provided on their website. They also welcome online or in person submission of applications.

Noble Corporation plc is an offshore drilling contractor with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It is the corporate successor of Noble Drilling Corporation.

David W. Williams is the Chairman and CEO since 2008.

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