New Job Vacancies at Total S.A.

New vacancy at Total S.A.

Total S.A. is an Oil and Gas exploration, production, refining, shipping and distribution company. It has a separate chemical division that manufactures polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, rubber, paint, dye, adhesives, and resins. It also runs petrol (gasoline) filling stations in Asia, United States, and Africa. 

The company’s businesses cover the entire Oil and Gas chain, from exploration and production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas to power generation, transportation, manufacturing, sales of petroleum products, and international trade in Crude Oil and chemicals. Total’s in-house departments run large-scale distribution of chemicals also.


Headquarters:  Tour Total, Courbevoie

Annual Revenue: 209.363 Billion US Dollars

Established in: 1924

Number of Employees: 1,000,000



  • In 1985, the company renamed itself Total CFP to capitalize on its gasoline brand’s success.
  • In 1989, from Texarkana, Texas-based Truman Arnold Companies, Denver, Colorado, Total Petroleum, Total CFP’s North American subsidiary, acquired 125 Road Runner retail locations.
  • 1991, the name was changed to Total, when it became a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • In 1991, when it became a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the name was changed to Total.
  • Between 1990 and 1994, the company’s foreign ownership rose from 23% to 44%.
  • It became known as Total Fina following Total’s acquisition of Belgium’s Petrofina in 1999.
  • In 2003, together with Royal Dutch Shell and Saudi Aramco, Total negotiated a 30 percent stake in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia South Rub al-Khali joint venture.
  • Saudi Aramco and TOTAL signed a MOU in 2006 to build the Jubail Refinery and Petrochemical Project in Saudi Arabia aimed at 400,000 barrels per day.
  • Total had over 96,000 workers as of 2010, working in over 130 countries. In 2010, Total announced plans to withdraw from the UK forecourt market.
  • Total started operations with North Caspian Operating Company at Kashagan in 2013. Total’s interest in Novatek rose to 16.96%.
  • In 2014, Total became the first major oil and gas company to buy shale gas exploration rights in the UK after purchasing a 40% stake in two licenses for $48 million in Northern England’s Gainsborough Trough region.
  • Total signed a $224 M deal in June 2016 to acquire Lampiris, Belgium’s third-largest gas and renewable energy supplier to expand its gas and power distribution business.
  • Total announced the acquisition of Maersk Oil in a share and debt transaction for $7.45 billion in August 2017. This deal will position Total as the North Sea’s second largest operator.
  • In August 2018, due to US sanctions pressure, Total formally withdrew from the Iranian South Pars gas field.
  • In 2019, Total announced a € 260 million sale to crude oil storage operator Pisto SAS of a 30 percent interest in the Trapil pipeline network.




To meet a global population’s energy needs while planning for the future, they are constantly innovating in order to produce safe and responsible solutions in Oil and Gas, Solar Energy and Bioenergy.


Oil and Gas:


Fields of Oil and Gas are becoming more complex and less available, making it increasingly difficult to find and produce assets in a sustainable manner. Today, it increasingly able to leverage digital technology to rethink its methods of exploration and production. It increase its oil and gas production with the launch of 14 major projects. It seeks to provide accessible, secure and clean energy as an integrated oil and gas operator. In an industry with ever-increasing constraints.


Solar Energy:


From cell production to solar power storage to electricity sales, they are now present throughout the entire photovoltaic solar value chain. With operations covering the manufacture of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, ground-based power plants, distributed networks, storage solutions and end-customer advertising, it is addressing the deployment of solar technology throughout the entire value chain and fast tracking. Mojave Desert, north of Los Angeles, the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 700 megawatts.




A leader in biofuels for over 20 years and a manufacturer of bioplastics, it has a role to play in the future of the bioenergy sector and in the growth of all pathways for the conversion of biomass. In particular, it concentrates on polylactic acid, a completely biobased and biodegradable polymer with a one-third carbon footprint of traditional polymers.




Its activities in the field of refining and petrochemicals turn crude oil and natural gas into finished products or intermediates which are then used to manufacture chemicals. Its technical know-how, the experience of its teams and its strategic partners all play a key role. They work professionally throughout the world.




In order to achieve its goal to become a responsible energy giant, Total has set up a new company.

  • Exploration & Production
  • Gas, Renewables & Power
  • Refining & Chemicals
  • Trading & Shipping
  • Marketing & Services
  • Total Global Services




The values of Security, Respect for Each Other, a Patriot Spirit, the need to stand together and a performance-minded mentality reflect that part of Total’s shared identity. It is a core component of its obligation as an industrial enterprise as well as the linchpin of its long-term survival, and only if they are safe and reliable can be sustainable. Respect for Every Other is a value of equal weight for every term.


Areas of Operation:


The company has its head office in Courbevoie, France, near Paris. After its merger with Elf in 2000, Total SA purchased the tower.

More than 100,000 people working in 130 countries some of them are:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Oman
  • France
  • Canada
  • Etc…

It has more than 10000 stations worldwide.