New Offshore Jobs at Schlumberger

New Offshore Jobs at Schlumberger

Schlumberger is one of the world’s leading provider of Oil and Gas reservoir characterization, discovery, processing and storage services. It delivers largest product line and facilities from exploration to production, and innovative pore-to-pipeline hydrocarbon processing technology that improves the quality of reservoirs. It has four main branches in Paris, Dallas, Tokyo and The Hague. Schlumberger is a Fortune 500 business and it was ranked 287 in 2016.


Headquarters: Paris, France

                         Texas, USA

                         London, UK

Annual Revenue: 32.815 Billion U.S Dollars

Number of Employees: 100,000

Founded: 1926



  • Schlumberger was established as the Electric Prospecting Company in 1926 by the German brothers Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger from the Alsace region of France.
  • In 1929, in Kern County, California, the business increased rapidly, drilling its first well in the U.S.
  • Schlumberger Well Surveying Company was established in Houston in 1935, and later became Schlumberger Well Services.
  • In 1956, for all Schlumberger companies, Schlumberger Limited was formed as a holding company, which now included American research and production company Johnston Testers.
  • Dowell Schlumberger was founded in 1960, specializing in pumping services for the oil industry.
  • In 1962, the New York Stock Exchange listed Schlumberger Limited.
  • In 1964, Schlumberger acquired 50% of Forex and combined it with 50% of Languedocienne to establish the Neptune Mining company.
  • In 1979, Schlumberger Limited became a division of Fairchild Camera and Instrument.
  • Schlumberger set up the first global email data links in 1981.
  • The business SEDCO drilling rig and half of North America’s Dowell were purchased in 1984, culminating in the Anadrill drilling division being developed.
  • In 1987, Neptune, Bosco and Cori, and Allmess were finished by Schlumberger.
  • In 1992, Schlumberger purchased GeoQuest Software, a software company.
  • Since a 1994 antitrust consent decree banned the joint venture, Smith was forbidden from selling or merging the fluids sector with certain other corporations
  • In 2001, for $5.2 billion, Schlumberger purchased the IT consultancy firm Sema plc.
  • In 2004, the launch of Schlumberger Business Consulting took place. It is the management consultancy branch of the company based in Paris.
  • In 2006, for US $ 2.4 billion, Schlumberger acquired 30% of WesternGeco from Baker Hughes.
  • Smith International’s takeover in an all-stock deal worth $11.3 billion was revealed in 2010.
  • In 2014, the firm confirmed the purchase of SES Holdings Limited’s remaining shares
  • In 2015 Schlumberger reported 21,000 cuts, leading to a recession in the international Oil and Gas industry, comprising of 15 percent of the total employees of the firm.
  • Schlumberger announced in January 2018 that WesternGeco will leave the on-shore and off-shore seismic acquisition sector


Services offered by the company:

Schlumberger has 10,000 petrotechnical specialists and it offers a full array of mining, geomechanical, and testing services in over 20 petrotechnical technology centres. Following is the list of intervention services provided by the company, on live wells, to extend their life of operation:


  • Coiled Tubing Intervention :

The company carries out highly efficient coiled tubing services using:

    • ACTive Real-Time Downhole Coiled Tubing Services
    • Fracturing
    • Perforating
    • Profiling
    • Stimulation & Conformance
    • Surface Equipment
    • Mechanical Intervention
    • Zonal Isolation &
    • Xtreme Coil Services


  • Slickline and Wireline Intervention:

To keep well production on target and to keep the cost low, the company offers its Slickline and Wireline Interventions using the:

    • LIVE Digital Slickline
    • ReSOLVE Instrumented Wireline Intervention
    • Mechanical Intervention
    • Well Diagnostics
    • Conveyance
    • SIMultra Retrievable Bridge Plug &
    • Wireline Perforating



  • Subsea Intervention:

The company offers Subsea services for all sea levels. List of Subsea intervention services offered by the company include:

    • Subsea Services Alliance
    • Subsea Landing String Services
    • Life of Field Intervention Services
    • Riserless Open Water Abandonment
    • Modular Injection System


  • Remedial Services:

When fixing a problem in a well, Schlumberger takes utmost care and performs its tasks at optimal speed and efficiency. Its remedial services include:

    • Casing Repair
    • Production Improvement
    • Remedial Sand Control
    • Pipe Recovery


  • Drilling Facilities:

The company has more than 100 drilling rigs and workover rigs operational worldwide. Related services and products offered by the company include:

  • Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment
  • Managed Pressure Drilling Services
  • Wellhead Systems
  • Wellbore Construction
  • Bottomhole Assemblies:
    • Drill Bits
    • Directional Drilling
    • Drilling Jars and Impact Tools
    • Reamers and Stabilizers
    • Specialty Drilling Applications
    • Tubulars
  • Drilling Fluids and Well Cementing:
    • Solids Control
    • Drilling Fluids
    • Well Cementing
  • Surface and Downhole Logging:
    • Logging while drilling services
    • Measurements while drilling services
    • Mud logging services


  • Well Production Assistance:

To maintain wells’ production levels, the high quality equipment offered by the company include:

    • Artificial Lift
    • Metering
    • Subsea Equipment
    • Production Trees
    • Chokes
    • Safety Systems


Countries of Operation:

Other than the 3 headquarters of Schlumberger in France, U.S. and U.K., the company has people from about 140 nationalities working in more than 85 countries. Some of these countries are:

  • Romania
  • Canada
  • Kuwait
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Norway
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Cameroon
  • Mozambique
  • India &
  • Vietnam