New Offshore Jobs at Helix Energy Solutions

New Offshore Jobs at Helix Energy Solutions

Helix Energy Solutions is a global offshore energy services company with an emphasis on well-intervention and robotics activities. It offers specialized services to the offshore energy sector. The company seeks to provide products and methodologies that it fees are essential to optimize the efficiency of development. It offers deep-water services mainly in the United States, Gulf of Mexico, Argentina, North Sea, Asia Pacific and West Africa. Its facilities cover deep-water Oil or Gas field’s cycle. Following are some facts about the company:



Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Annual Revenue: 1.39 Billion U.S Dollars

Number of Employees: 1600

Founded: 1980



  • 2002 – The nation’s first semi-submersible deepsea well exploration, the Q4000, was deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • In 2006, after the purchase of Helix RDS, Cal Dive Int’l, a lake consultancy firm, changed its corporate name to Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc.
  • In 2008, Well Enhancer, the first well controlled ship, was released in the North Sea.
  • In 2010, Helix ESG developed various equipment and services for the 2010 Mexico Gulf Oil Spill.
  • In 2012 Helix ESG revealed proposals for the divestiture of its subsea development company, Helix Subsea Development, and the disposal of its ships.
  • In 2015, in the fourth quarter, Helix Energy Solutions Group saw its income fall by 78% as offshore exploration curbed.


Services and Products:

The company’s services include the development of a variety of Wells, Well maintenance, subsea wireline, and refurbishment. It facilitates these projects with professional vessels and in-house built equipment including the Subsea Intervention Lubricator and the Intervention Riser System. Subsea Intervention Lubricator, wireline or coiled tube systems in the offshore Oil and Gas sector are used in riser-less and divergent subsea well improvement. Without a Blowout Preventer stack or a marine riser, SILs allow access to a live Subsea Well. It’s a specialist in mechanical, electrical, control, automation, civil and structural engineering.


  • Engineering Services:

Helix provides full set of engineering services, to complete every project at an optimal cost, by completing it in minimum time by using optimal planning. List of the engineering services the company excel in includes:

    • Civil engineering
    • Control & Automation
    • Decommissioning
    • Electrical engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Structural engineering
    • Well program writing
    • Etc.



  • Riserbased and Riserless Services:

List of Riser-based and Riserless Services offered by the company include:

    • Braided line
    • Calliper survey
    • Cement bond logging
    • Choke changeout
    • Coilhose
    • Coiled tubing (all types)
    • Decommissioning
    • DHSV repair
    • Downhole seismic
    • Gas lift changeout &
    • Gas lift valve


  • Robotics Services:

List of robotics services offered by the company include:

    • Engineering and Tooling Services
    • Geotechnical survey
    • Inter-array cable burial
    • ROVDrill seabed drilling
    • Trenching & Cable burial
    • Well integrity


  • Subsea Construction Services:

List of the Subsea construction services offered by the company, include;

    • Asset IRM
    • Cable burial
    • Commissioning
    • Facility removal
    • Flowline & umbilical hook up
    • Geotechnical
    • Etc.


Vision and Value:

Helix deals with compassion and respect for others and the communities in which it operates. As an organization, it insists that wherever its people work, their behavior should not only produce financial benefits and incentives, but their attitudes should also be a source of positive influence. Their interactions should be honest and open, and they should be accountable for their actions. The company respects its real commitment to:

  • Security
  • Education 
  • Environment
  • Creative Technological and Market Approach
  • Professional work ethic
  • Outstanding customer service &
  • Ensuring excellent service and jobs.


Countries Of Operation:

Other than the US, the company operates in many other countries, some of which are given below:

  • U.S. Gulf of Mexico
  • Brazil
  • North Sea
  • Asia Pacific
  • West Africa
  • Aberdeen
  • Singapore 
  • Brazil &
  • South Africa