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Fugro is a multinational corporation in the Netherlands. It is the world’s top geo-data expert. It collects and processes detailed information about the Earth and structures build upon it. It provides asset integrity solutions to evaluate and give advice on large construction, engineering and Natural Resources projects, in order to help its clients plan, build & operate their resources in a secure, stable and efficient manner. Approximately 10,000 people are employed in Furgo, working in 65 countries. Following are some more facts about the company:


Headquarters: Leidschendam, Netherlands

Annual Revenue: 1.65 Billion Euro

Number of Employees: 10,000

Established in: 1962




  • Fugro was established by Kornelis in 1962 as the Engineering company for Foundation Technology and SOil Mechanics.
  • The offshore business came to a standstill in the wake of the energy crisis of the 1970s.
  • This resulted in its main competitor, McClelland, being bought in October 1987 by Fugro-McClelland.
  • In 1992, at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Fugro went public.
  • In 2003, for € 147.5 million, Fugro bought Thales Geosolutions, its largest acquisition to date.
  • In 2008, Fugro was included in the AEX index, the Amsterdam exchange list of the 25 most actively traded securities.
  • In 2009, Fugro launched two new tools to improve and expand the date range in deepwater: Smart Pipe and Smart Surf.
  • Fugro launched the new generation of Fugro Galaxy geophysical and hydrographic survey ship in 2011.
  • In 2014, Fugro was awarded the contract by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) to hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
  • A further agreement for the delivery of two specialized ships was issued in 2014.
  • The deal extended to AUD$39 million and ran until August 2016.
  • In 2014, Fugro purchased Ergon Energy’s Remote Observation Automated Modeling Economic Simulation (ROAMES) software.
  • Royal Boskalis Westminster increased its shares in Fugro to 20.1 percent in January 2015.
  • At the Ground Engineering (GE) Awards 2016, Fugro’s ground inquiries for the dualling A9 venture in Scotland were honored.




Oil and Gas:

Through offering an integrated package of services based on critical expertise and necessary functional support, the company streamlines Oil and Gas exploration, growth, processing, and decommissioning. Its operations are designed and executed through the highest level of care and attention in terms of safety. It offers technical strategies, innovations, and world-class infrastructures across all stages of Oil and Gas activities through local experience and a global resource network.


  • Field Exploration

The company supports international search for Oil and Gas resources. It is able to evaluate concession areas by integrating geophysical, geotechnical, geological and geochemical experience with world-class metoceanic and positioning capabilities.


  • Field Development

Fugro provides a unique, integrated suite of services for Oil and Gas field development projects from initial planning, to design and installation.


  • Field Production

The company builds on the knowledge gained during Oil and Gas projects’ field development phase to provide its customers with ongoing support throughout their facilities’ operational life. For downstream infrastructure and onshore facilities, it assists with essential data and complete consultancy guidance.


  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure Decommissioning

For the safe and efficient decommissioning, disposal and relocation of Oil and Gas facilities from the ground to the seabed, Fugro delivers a multi-disciplinary range of advanced offshore services. Its resources can then be used to help restore and provide long-term tracking and reporting of manufacturing plants that have been decommissioned.




The company promotes, speedup and sustains energy projects worldwide, providing data and services that improves security, performance and reliability of development, construction and maintenance activities. It, in effect, adds value and confidence to any power project. Types of Power plants that the company works on include:


  • Onshore Winds:

The company’s technical and logistical expertise contains specific geological, meteorological and construction support for detailed regional assessments and site specific support for establishing new onshore wind power plants.


  • Offshore Winds:

Fugro supports the decision-making process, from original designs to detailed design. It guarantees stable deployment and cost-effective service of specialized ships, jack-up platforms and purpose-built facilities.


  • Nuclear:

The assessment of the risks and protection of a client’s location is done by focussing on detailed seismic risks involved, advanced ground movement measurements, combined site and laboratory research, geotechnical engineering and monitoring. All of the company’s specialist programs meet with the requirements and legislative guidelines of the nuclear industry.


  • Geothermal:

Fugro offers the combination of:

    • Integrated services
    • Expertise in evaluations
    • Designing & building geothermal plants
    • Infrastructures and
    • Safe operations

All the above makes the company an ideal partner for new geothermal projects.


  • Transmission and Distribution:

Using its Roames network, it integrates revolutionary mapping technologies with state-of – the-art data processing technology and cloud computing resources to provide a reliable and interactive 3D digital resource model.



The company performs mining projects worldwide. Throughout every project’s lifecycle, starting from desktop studies, recognition, exploration, feasibility to operation and closure, Fugro provides cost-effective solutions to minimize technical risks and ensure its customers sustainable development in mining.


Additional Services:


Additional services offered by the company are:

  • Project management and control
  • Reconnaissance, exploration and feasibility studies
  • Resource estimations according to international standards
  • Approval procedures
  • Planning and development during mine operations
  • Construction monitoring
  • Geotechnical site investigation
  • Tailing facilities (including management)
  • Water, waste and environmental management
  • Monitoring safety and integrity of operating facilities including QHSSE safety reviews
  • Data management using in-house GeODin and Fugro Online software


Vision and Values:


Fugros’ workers hold a set of core principles. They believe that incorporating these values as fundamental elements of business transactions will result in providing people with high-quality professional services and building the confidence of all stakeholders. The company tries to create win – win relationships by working closely with customers and delivering on their requirements while profitably carrying out projects.


Areas of Operation:


The company has operations worldwide. Nevertheless, they are concentrated in:

  • Africa
  • Asia pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East &
  • North America