Nabors Industries – Oil Drilling Contractors — Jobs & Services

Nabors Industries – Oil Drilling Contractors -- Jobs & Services

World’s largest land drilling contractors, Nabors Industries, operate 500 land-drilling rigs and 755 land workover & well-servicing rigs in US and Canada. They offer following Services:

  • Oil field hauling
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Services
  • Well logging
  • Engineering
  • Construction Services

Jobs at Nabors Industries:

Remote Navigation Specialist, FLOORHAND, HSE Specialist, Contract Administrative Assistant I, Well Planner I, Painter I, Drilling Dynamics Modeling & Optimization Specialist, Directional Drilling Specialist – Performance Tools, Warehouseman, Logistics, Rig Equipment Remote Technician, Field Consulting Services, Training Manager, Warehouse Worker, Assembly Mechaic II, Receiving Clerk, MOTORHAND, FLOORHAND, Wellbore Navigation Specialist (MWD) (STX), Rig Manager NDTUSA, FLOORHAND, MPD Field Engineer, Electronics Technician, Rental Operations Support Manager, Dispatcher, DERRICKHAND WTX, Central Field Service Coordinator, Wellbore Navigation Specialist (MWD) (WTX), FLOORHAND I, VP of Performance Drilling, Operations Engineer Intern, Rigwatch Technician, Catwalk & Wrench Technician, EXPERIENCED ROUSTABOUT, Wellbore Placement Specialist (DD) (STX), Software and Infrastructure Technician, FLOORHAND- EXPERIENCE ONLY- ETX/N. LA/OKLAHOMA, Catwalk & Wrench Technician, Field Supervisor, Sr. Systems Analyst, Automation Engineer II, MWD Mechanical Technician, Rig Manager West Texas