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CEDA International Corporation manufactures industrial machinery and provides installation and maintenance services. It also works in the areas of dredging, fluid management, instrumentation, fireproofing, abrasive blasting, coatings, hydro-testing, pipe insulation, industrial cleaning, piping, decoding, welding, manufacturing and vehicle maintenance. 

The company is usually the first to introduce innovative technologies, facilities and procedures into the market to reduce maintenance costs and tackle significant organizational and environmental challenges.


Headquarters: Calgary, Canada

Annual Revenue: $10 M

Number of Employees: about 5,000

Established: 1985




  • In 1973, Bill Mowatt bought Magnachem Ltd. together with a team of businessmen and transformed it into Chem-Wash Industries.
  • The CEDA brand was created in 1976 from the registered name Chemical Engineering Design & Analysis, which was later established as CEDA Research Ltd.
  • CEDA Reactor, Catalyst and REPPSCO were established in 1980.
  • CEDA was incorporated in 1981 and began operating with headquarters in Mandan, North Dakota, in the United States.
  • CEDA expanded to the West Coast in 1982 and started marketing services in Western British Columbia for pulp mills and mines.
  • In 1983, CEDA Reactor acquired Sealtec from Sarnia and Stoney Creek, Ontario, as well as from Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta.
  • CEDA had service centers across Canada and the Northern United States in 1985, offering services to oilfield chemicals, catalyst handling, dredging, and industrial plant services.
  • In 1988, with over 300 employees, CEDA was operating in five provinces and three states.
  • Bolt Tensioning Canadian Ltd. was bought in 1994.
  • Airpro, a land machining firm located in central Alberta, was obtained in 1998.
  • Under CEDA, CASCA Electric and CASCA Tech were combined in 2005.
  • In 2009, CEDA obtained United Energy Services.
  • In 2013, CEDA and its 26 related companies founded a single entity to better serve consumers as Canada’s largest manufacturing service provider.
  • In 2018, CEDA developed Oilfield Services Ltd. Breakthrough.
  • In 2019, CEDA obtained a Gibson Energy Inc. Commercial Cleaning Business.




  • Pressure & Vacuum:

CEDA invented commercial machinery repair automation. To help clients handle their industrial facilities, it consistently delivers the safest and most effective stress and vacuum products throughout Canada and the U.S. The facilities are customized to meet the needs of the clients. With the ability to execute daily jobs efficiently in complete turnaround strategies, it becomes easily scalable. Its line of operations include:

    • Tower, vessel, boiler, tank & coker cleaning
    • Sewer flushing
    • Mobile streaming
    • High pressure water blasting
    • Advanced water blasting solutions
    • Hydro-vacuum and excavation services
    • Potable water delivery
    • Wet and dry vacuum services
    • High volume pumping
    • Decoking technology
    • Exchanger and vessel cleaning applications
    • Fluid hauling and disposal
    • Sewage disposal
    • Etc.


  • Chemical Cleaning:

CEDA was one of the world’s first businesses to provide industrial facilities with chemical cleaning services. Thus, the roots of CEDA are in chemical cleaning, as it’s where it started as an institution and built its footprint. Over four decades of experience behind it, the group has the skills to tackle the issues in chemical cleaning across Canada and the United States. Its line of operations includes:

    • Exchanger bath cleaning
    • On-stream chemical injection
    • Oil flushing pre-commissioning/maintenance
    • Oxygen system pre-commissioning
    • Furnace tube foam cleaning
    • Water and glycol heating
    • Steam blowing
    • Air blowing
    • Chemical storage neutralization
    • Tank cleaning
    • In-house client foulants testing and analysis
    • Pressure testing 
    • Etc.


  • Mechanical and Fabrication:

The company offers a wide range of mechanical installations, ranging from plant and mine site structural welding to specialized leak detection and mitigation. Services involve backups for structural steel manufacturing, processing and deployment. It also supplies a fleet of mobile welding trucks to meet the needs of its customers directly at their locations. It has the stability to offer services that are both union and non-union. Its line of operations includes:

    • Turnaround Planning And Execution
    • Abrasive Blastings
    • Specialty Coatings
    • Fireproofing
    • Insulated Removable Covers
    • Insulation Services
    • Welding And Fabrication
    • Exchanger Services
    • On-Line Leak Repair


  • Pipeline Services:

CEDA is a full pipeline operations and maintenance contractor. It offers a complete service from the excavation of the ditch to the backfill of the completed pipeline of any diameter (complete with final grading). It offers full dual joint operation, resulting in a significant reduction in on-site welding, and quicker, easier and more cost-effective construction techniques. Its services include:

    • Pipeline construction
    • Pipeline earthworks
    • Pipeline integrity management
    • Pipeline maintenance
    • Offsite material management and double jointing


Electrical Services:

The electrical services from the company are available independently of other facilities and also as an integrated product offering with its other core service lines, such as mechanical facilities, pressure and vacuum. This allows to be the one-stop shop for construction and maintenance, reorganizations and major projects. Its electrical services include:

    • New facilities electrical construction
    • Temporary power services
    • Winterization installation and maintenance
    • Specialty transformer services
    • Etc.


Additional Services:


Other than the services listed above, the company also offer:

  • Fireproofing
  • Abrasive Blastings & Coatings
  • Pigging & Decoking
  • Dredging & Fluid Management
  • Hydro-Testing & Pipe Isolation
  • Turnarounds & Outages
  • Manufacturing & Process Equipment
  • Operations & Maintenance,
  • Sustaining Projects
  • Commissioning & Startup
  • Leak Seal Services &
  • Project Services


Vision and Values:

CEDA’s values are created through the behavior of CEDA staff, as to how they communicate with each other, with their interested parties and within the groups in which they operate. The company works by its principles and aspires to do the right thing. It provides services and guidance to its clients as a trusted partner. Its culture guarantees that every day its employees arrive safely at home. 


Areas of Operation:


CEDA is currently operating at 120 locations. Some of them are:

  • Calgary (Head Office)
  • Bonnyville
  • Conklin
  • Edmonton
  • Fort Mckay
  • Dawson Creek
  • Fort St. John
  • Regina
  • Estevan
  • Arcola
  • Sarnia
  • Houston
  • Etc.