Mar 25, 2020

Manager, Community/Public Affairs

  • Fluor Corporation
  • Maputo, Mozambique
Full Time Contractor Public Affairs

Job Description

Reporting to the Socioeconomic and Local Content Manager at JFT, the Local Content Manager will be responsible for the management, coordination, monitoring and control of all elements of the implementation of the supplier and workforce development streams of the Local Content Program. He will interface with the CONTRACTOR'S Procurement and Subcontractor's team as well as HR workforce relations team to monitor and report progress on deliverables with Local Spend, recruitment and training by CONTRACTOR and Subcontractors. Interface with COMPANY counterpart to align on specific elements of Local Content Plan.
The candidate will be experienced in the preparation, implementation, communication, identification and coordination of local Content data as required by the Project whilst executing technical and functional responsibilities related to the local content plan issues on the project at the MOC. This role includes coordinating and facilitating activities of the Subcontractors with the Training Institutions and the recruitment service providers, the EDC (Enterprise Development Center), managing their access to the SRP and relevant parties within JFT stakeholder community.

Duties and Responsibilities include:

• Support the Subcontracting teams in review of the Local Content submissions by Subcontractors for alignment with the deliverables and commitments by CONTRACTOR to COMPANY.
• Monitor Implementation of the relevant streams within the Supplier development program and Workforce development of the local content program and coordinates review across functional disciplines to ensure that Local Content activities are implemented as envisaged in the Subcontractor Proposal.
o Assist Subcontracting teams in maintaining a live register of Mozambique Suppliers particularly for the " reserved" activities
o Monitor and record mentorship and training on improved business processes and product quality to develop suppliers who show promise in spite of not meeting initial qualification requirements as communicated by the Subcontracting teams.

o In coordination with the Subcontracting teams, actively identify further opportunities for local supplier development and implement them, as practical as possible with the assistance of the relevant Government and non-Government institutions (i.e. IPEME).

o Monitor the recruitment and training activities to ensure they are in line with the deliverables on the Local Content Plan for CONTRACTR and Subcontractors.

o Monitor and record performance of the recruitment and training institutions to deliver the requirement of the Local Content Plan.
• Coordinate CONTRACTOR's activities and with potential Incubator Programs such as that with Standardbank.
• Coordinates activities by the Local Content officers within the subcontractor's operations value chain.
• Reviews Supplier and workforce development data for reporting into the ISOMETRIX system. Compares the data with the planned commitments and highlights discrepancies.

• Prepares material for Supplier awareness campaigns general communication as necessary. In coordination with the Subcontracting team, Inform the business community about goods and services needs as early as practical, including descriptions of the scopes to be tendered, applicable technical specifications, delivery locations, and schedules to facilitate maximum participation
• Prepares monthly report for internal review by the Socioeconomic Steering Committee.
• Maintains a live record of applicable legislation and regulations.

Basic Job Requirements

• Accredited four (4) year degree or global equivalent in applicable field of study and twelve (12) years of work-related experience or a combination of education and directly related experience equal to sixteen (16) years if non-degreed;
• Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and other stakeholders
• Job related technical knowledge necessary to complete the job
• Ability to learn and apply knowledge of applicable local, state/province, and federal/national statutes and guidelines
• Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective manner

Other Job Requirements

• Proficient Knowledge of Contracts management
• Knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations
• University Bachelor or equivalent degree.
• Has shown the ability to perform on a large, multi-billion dollar project.
• Experience in managing Local Content issues.
• Displays leadership and organization skills.
• Candidate must be able to speak, read, and write fluently in Portuguese and English.