Mar 24, 2020

Project Administration and Event Planner

  • Fluor Corporation
  • Calgary, AB, Canada
Full Time Contractor Project Administration

Job Description

Fluor is one of Canada's top employers and recognized globally as a leader in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Fabrication, and Maintenance industry. Our focus on innovation and providing cost effective technology based solutions to address our client's needs is second to none. As we look to the future, we need creative, ambitious, and innovative professionals who can help us achieve our goals.

This position is a 6 month contract position, and the duties will be split between administrative activities and event planning:

(50 %) Administration and clerical support;

- Development of new documents, including use of templates (word, excel, PowerPoint), including revision control
- Electronic filing - department files, and revision control
- Edit and format existing documents, including ongoing revisions
- Re-purpose existing documents and develop new documents (training materials, handouts)
- Prepare and track action logs (action, description, responsible person, completion time)
- Follow-up and expedite completion of actions - via email and in-person
- In consideration of others' conflicting priorities, and
- Find creative ways to accomplish tasks on-time, including professional and pro-active time management
- Prepare and manage calendars for :
- Team members and office events (500+ people)
- Develop and coordinate tools, resources, logistics, and people, for training and workshops, including:
- Participant tracking - attendance lists, and tracking logs
- Catering - source options, compare costs, arrange delivery
- Set-up and take-down - arrange conference room tables and chairs, clean-up after catering
- Photocopying, prepare materials for attendees and trainers
- Organize both office internal and external events (source locations, arrange catering, prepare meeting materials)
- Weekly - prepare project updates / all team meetings (500+ people)
- Gather, expedite, research, synthesize, and prepare draft documents from multiple sources and stakeholders, including : technical and non-technical subject matter
- Eg. safety, cultural, quality, engineering topics
- Compose and type text - for global audience, including : multi-lingual teams, english as a second language, and preserve subject matter (both technical and non-technical)
- Research and prepare effective visual supports, including:
- Design and draft of graphics using word suite (charts and graphs, symbols, etc.), internet sources, company files, and 3rd party sources
- Coordinate, synthesize, and prepare learning materials (small group, large group, on-line learning) in coordination with subject matter experts and trainers
- Gather, synthesize, and compose - newsletter, intranet, and project report articles and content
- Transpose and synthesize voluminous information into easy to understand, and fit-for-purpose communications, considering a global audience
- Intranet (Connections sites):
- Develop, implement and manage our communications internal web media strategy, presence and content
- Collaborate with marketing and designers to ensure content is informative and appealing
- Collaborate with discipline team leads to draft technical/non-technical content for updates and circulation through the site
- Monitor user engagement and suggest content optimization

(50 %) Event planning

- Plan office celebration and social events (500+ people)
- Source catering, arrange logistics, invites, advertising, coordination with office facilities and marketing
- Track and expedite billings and payments
- Track and expedite marketing and promotional materials
- Support team-building events and planning - idea generation, sourcing, logistics
- Design and develop special projects - including : concepts, research, proposals, reports, and tracking
- Coordinate and provide support for special projects and delivery, among multiple departments (IT, External Affairs, Communications, Project Disciplines, etc)
- Support many ad hoc requests

Basic Job Requirements

Skills and Competencies:

- Confidentiality with all matters
- Technology - intermediate to advanced levels, intuitive to learn new systems
- Administer and manage databases and project electronic systems (excel, word, powerpoint)
- Administer and manager Coreworx, Lotus Notes, Community/Connections pages - training provided
- Flexible, adaptable, patient - especially with ongoing changes, and conflicting priorities, and with a smile
- Creative, yet understands deadlines and is completion focused
- Both a team player during development work, and can work independently to deliver the required outputs
- Very detail oriented
- Strong problem-solving, resourceful, proactive, and supportive
- Excellent communications skills - writing and verbal
- Strong interpersonal skills - across multiple cultures, and globally dispersed operating centers
- Sense of urgency, deadline focused, completes all deliverables on-time
- Ability to: lift boxes, move furniture, re-arrange conference rooms, and push/pull trolleys with materials and equipment

Other Job Requirements

- Work is at the Fluor Sundance Calgary office, moderate flexibility around work hours required to meet deadlines and engage in meetings and interface with global offices (Japan, China, Philippines)