How to find an oil or rig job offshore

find an offshore job

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Grab yourself a pen and paper then sit down and make two columns. In one column note all of your skills and qualifications, and in the other note down your career jobs starting from the most recent going back to your very first job. The next stage is to look at the type of role you want or would like with the offshore oil and gas industry.

Once you have identified the role you would like to pursue, look at the skill sets required for said position. It is at this point you will look at the skill sets and experience you currently have that could crossed skilled to the role in question, doing this will help you identify any shortfall you may have, and what you will have to obtain prior to apply for this or any other roles.

Once you have the required skill sets for your preferred position, put together a resume that highlights these existing and current skills. The next stage is; along with a very well prepared written introduction letter, copies of you qualifications, and your new resume, you identify as many companies as possible, including recruitment agencies who are looking for people that match your new skills, and send their HR departments and consultants these documents.

Do not be surprised if you apply for over 250 positions before you get a positive interview if any, it is just how the industry works. Also replies from companies generally take anywhere between one to three month for initial reply. This is not a guarantee it just a system that worked for me, and it only cost me time. Apart from courses, I never spent a $ in doing it as everything was done on a computer and over the net.

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