History of Offshore Jobs in Drilling

Deepsea Delta oil drilling rig in the North Sea.
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It was in about 1891 that one of the first rigs were set up in the Ohio state. These rigs were built by constructing platform over the Grand Lake St. Marys and the oil was drilled from these lakes. This was where the understanding of building rigging platform was developed and in as early as 1896, the first of the submerged oil wells extending under the Santa Barbara Channel in the state of California.

This lead to a burst of oil rigs construction as the largely unexplored territory of the United States’ soil was paid attention to and with the discovery of more and more oil reserves, the utility of offshore drilling was understood and developed much better.

The offshore jobs involving drilling became more and more lucrative. The Canadian side of Lake Erie in the 1900s saw submerged drilling activities on a huge scale. Likewise, the Caddo Lake in Louisiana in the 1910s saw a burst of activities related to drilling. Soon after these, there were oil wells drilled along the coast of Texas and Louisiana gulf. Thereafter the rigs were made out of solid platforms to ensure the durability and considering the long term viability of establishing the rig.