Geological Surveys Are a Part of The Off Shore Job of Drilling

A Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
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Offshore jobs can be of many kinds. The one that involves offshore drilling of oil and natural gas is nothing short of a marvel in the line of construction engineering. Till a long time back, the rigging of oil was not a well known art.

The Chinese made rigs made out of bamboos to extract oil and natural gas and used it for cooking and lighting. The place where a large oil reserve is found is called a “Trap” and looking for one is an expensive proposition. There is no way to ascertain in advance where oil can be found and there is no assured method to locate the rig.

The search for traps yields nothing most of the times however, if there is one found, more often than not, the one under the sea or ocean has a higher potential of being a large reserve. The “traps” which seem to be potential reserves are found basis the seismic activity in the region and yet there is no way to ascertain whether there is oil until the place is actually penetrated. This is why the offshore jobs have got geologists working on them to allow the best use of the data available.

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