Finding a Job on an Rig Crew

Once you have decided what role will suit you best, you can proceed to finding a job. It is a good idea to research the industry first so that you know the latest trends and potential sites. If you are a new entrant, you will have to work very hard to get a foot in the door. Most drilling companies prefer to recruit workers with previous rig experience so you will have to use a number of innovative approaches. Personal
contacts work well as does building your skills on an onshore rig. However in many cases, drill workers start off on positions like catering and housekeeping to get rig experience and then use their contacts to get a mainstream role.

When applying for a job, ensure you do it through the right channels. The Internet is a popular source but can also be risky thanks to a number of scams. Check the credentials of the agency or site that you are visiting and call the hiring company in case of any doubts.