Facilities Provided Offshore

Most oil rigs offer similar facilities to their workers. It is acknowledged that the offshore life is a challenging one so organizations pull out all the stops to make it as comfortable as possible for their workers. They are now almost as comfortable as hotels. In most oil rigs, everything is provided and workers just have to come with their personal hygiene items like toothbrush, shaving kit and grooming supplies.


Rig workers are not expected to incur any expenses on the rig. All your needs will be taken care of starting with your accommodation. Once you arrive on the rig, after the safety orientation, you will be provided your room. The quarters will consist of a bed with appropriate linen provided. Most cabins also include a TV, shower and toilet. Satellite TV is provided so that during your non-shift period you can stay in touch with your favorite movies or programs. You may have to share your room with another worker depending on the accommodation policy. Free housekeeping services are a given, every day your room and bathroom will be cleaned and serviced. Many workers enjoy this aspect the most as they rarely enjoy such benefits back home.

Health Facilities

Most oil rigs provide well equipped gyms allowing their staff to stay fit and work out. These gyms include aerobic equipment; weight training machines as well as free hand weights. Other inclusions are sauna and steam facilities replicating onshore health clubs to a large extent.


In recent years tele-connectivity on drilling platforms have improved greatly. Most rigs now boast of Internet facilities and low cost telephone services permitting rig workers to stay in touch with their families and loved ones using all the conventional means.

Recreation Facilities

Oil companies recognize that recreation facilities are essential to maintain the morale of their troops who have to spend all their free time onboard. Many oil rigs have superior recreation facilities like snooker, pool and billiards tables, TV lounges, music rooms and even cinemas. There is usually a store onboard offering duty free personal hygiene and any other supplies crew workers may need during their stay.

Food Onboard

Oil workers enjoy unlimited free food as long as they are onboard. A variety of cold and hot meals are available for staff to enjoy. Oil companies take great effort in providing nutritious and delicious meals to their workers who can only perform at
their best if they are well fed. However not all tastes can be satisfied so it common to hear complaints about the food provided onboard.