Entry level offshore jobs

Entry level offshore jobsHuman beings are different in many ways as regards what they love to do, the choice of career and some other things. In the career aspect of human, it requires following a path to get trained and be well certified to perform the task expected of a professional. Toiling at school and labouring to get a certificate that qualifies an individual as a professional is a great achievement and for professionals that will love to start working at a firm, company, industry, corporate establishment or corporation, the common and popular word called ‘entry level’ pops up probably as a challenge. Entry Level is majorly used as a term for newly trained profession in any field of study. Entry Level means a starting level as a career professional. This is a level or state where a particular professional has not had any experience working in any company or industry and this may pose some challenges to getting a job for companies wanting to employ experienced hands.

However,  individuals starting off as entry level pro can get a good job if he knows how to go about searching for job description that fits his level of professionalism. In the oil and gas sector, the entry level is also used in the process of recruiting and employing new workers for various companies and as such there are positions where entry level job applicants can easily fit in. In the offshore part of oil and gas work, entry level professionals do have a chance to get engaged though they must possess some qualities that make them work in the various capacities available for the level. In this article, I will discuss some of the qualities offshore entry level applicant must possess to be fit for the various working positions of the sector.

  1. Cooperation and Team Work

This is one of the most vital and important qualities individuals looking to get a work at the offshore sector of any Olli an gas company must possess to succeed in the profession and climb up the career ladder fast. An entry level must possess the required skill to relate well with others because the work involves remaining in the rig for 4 to 6 weeks at a stretch. Spending much time together means you must learn how to respect, fit into team plans and goals and much more give your best to ensure you fulfil your own job quota. The sector will expose you to several other workers and cooperation is a needed virtue.

  1. Be Strong and Physically Fit

The offshore sector of any oil and gas establishment and company involves similar tasks and they are the various tasks done by the workers to ensure oil is drawn from beneath the ocean floor. This work is require heights and Don in dirty and wet conditions that may sometimes be stormy. All these are indications pointing to the fact that any individual willing to be part of the workforce at offshore needs to be courageous and be ready to withstand tough and unfavourable conditions. However, this is probably the challenges an entry level workers have to endure as a starting point of a career that offers much opportunities as workers move up the ladder through promotion and exemplary performance showing great expertise.

  1. Intelligent and Adaptability

These are also good qualities that any individual hoping to work at the offshore sector of an oil and gas company must possess. It is a fact that offshore assignments and tasks do involve the use of various hand tools and machinery to assist and help get the oil from beneath. This fact means entry level folks must be good with the use of hand tools and machinery which they may have taught them at school. It is also very important that they learn how to operate machines that they are not familiar with so they can be found active and useful to the offshore team.

  1. Ready to Stay Away from Home

Workers working at offshore sector are known to be cool with spending all of days and even weeks away from their spouse, wife and kids because the work so require that workers stay on the rig for about 4 weeks or more. If you are an intending offshore worker as an entry level or stage, you should be ready to stay away from family and close friends to be at work and enjoy the work you have got to do. You must not be someone that is frequently ‘home sick’.

  1. Consistency for Rewards

entry levelThe offshore job for entry level guys might be very tasking and challenging but achieving success and making it to the top just like any other work requires consistency and tenacity. The taking work on oil rig is however very rewarding as you can still catch some fun relishing  sumptuous meals and recipes made to match hotel standard by professional chefs, enjoy at mini-movie, games room, and watching television shows on wide screens. You also get good pay which is probably commensurate with the job description of an offshore entry level worker. Salaries paid to entry level workers at offshore sector vary from one oil and gas industry to the other but the average pay is good enough.

Based on the above description of the qualities that individuals willing to take entry level offshore jobs at various oil and gas companies must possess, it is very important to inform prospective entry level workers that getting an offshore job requires some tips. Getting an entry level job may sometimes be challenging because is a job basically that requires no experience and though roustabout are genuine entry, some jobs are truly entry level. All these and many more may bring confusion for individuals that do not understand the required tips. Below are some very important tip to help you land the offshore entry level work you so desire.

Tips to Getting Offshore Entry Level Jobs

  1. Be Truthful and Calm

Once you sight a job offer for entry level at any oil and gas company that you want to apply for, be truthful with your details and never bother to apply for offers that require a particular or specific years of experience. Being untruthful will not help you. You also need to be calm and believe you have a good chance at landing the job even though you are competing with other applicants. Once you possess all the required certificate and expertise, you should be motivated.

  1. Network and Volunteer

This is a very good method that can help you secure entry level job you need in an oil an gas firm. You must be able to network by meeting workers of oil and gas companies at events, ceremonies and in any other gathering. You can also meet them on social media platforms. Wherever you meet them, relate politely with them to be able to have a nice relationship with them. You may then ask for a favour from them detailing how they can inform you of any entry level job available in their firm. You can also volunteer to work for oil and gas companies so as to give yourself an edge over others. You can volunteer to work at non-oilfield as security guards,

  1. Get Professional Certifications

At a time you are looking for an entry level job, it is very important that you use the period productively and earn more certificates that will increase your career value and knowledge about the profession. Getting a professional certificate will boost and increase your curriculum vitae and your chances of securing the job as you may be singled out among many because of the additional knowledge and certification you possess. You may have to browse the internet about very bio and relevant courses or ask successful professionals in the field for guidance.

  1. Get Informed and Notified

Many individuals finding and searching for offshore entry level jobs may not get the job of they are not well informed and notified with news and reports of available entry job openings. You must be ready to make a good search on the internet about offshore entry level jobs around your base and within your country on Google or other reputable search engine websites like Bing. Join and subscribe to mails from respected websites informing readers of available options so you can be notified. Visit these websites often and read all mails to understand details of the job and how to go about applying for the job. When you are searching for entry level offshore jobs, make use of good an relevant keywords to discover the best result.

  1. You may Visit the Oil firm

Getting to know that a particular oil and gas company is recruiting entry level offshore workers do not mean you only need to apply online like any other applicants. To increase our chances at getting the job, you may have to visit the Firm physically it is located at a location near you.