Ensco Drilling

Ensco Drilling jobs

Ensco is a leading offshore drilling company based out of Texas with a fleet of not less than 51 rigs. Like the other companies described above they have all sorts of drilling vessels including floaters, barge rigs and jack-up rigs. They are a dynamic company and were named by Forbes Magazine as one of the ‘world’s fastest growing companies’. They have a presence in all the major drilling locations worldwide including the Middle East, Asia, Australia and of course the US. What sets them apart is their range of ultra-deep water rigs, which go to depths of 8000 feet or more. Working on such a rig gives its crew an excellent opportunity to learn many aspects of this complex drilling exercise as well as provides exposure on how to manage its challenges.

Ensco is known for providing its employees an extremely positive work environment with a strong focus on safety and zero incidents. They have openly declared their long-term growth focus and are looking for workers who are ready to make a commitment for the long haul. They have a well-developed training program in which they offer engineer and management trainee programs as well as a number of other certifications. They keenly support intra company growth and progression so if you’re looking to build your career in a reputed organization, Ensco could be the one for you.