A drillship is a rig onboard a regular ship, complete with hull, pump rooms, bridge and below deck rooms. The rig equipment is located on the hull and usually reaches up to quite a height so that it can be lowered to extreme depths when required. Whenever drilling has to take place, the drill ship is positioned with the help of its anchors and stays stationary. When the ship has to move, using its own motors and steam it can go to its new location.

The main benefit of a drillship is its versatility for movement. It needn’t be tugged and towed to its new location. Since it is a ship by itself, it can move on its own. Consequently the team on board a drillship will include mariners and related personnel who are trained on how to navigate such a vessel. A drillship can be used for ultra deep water drilling and sometimes can go even lower than semi submersibles. Dynamic positioning systems and GPS technology is used to navigate them to their required locations.