Common Accidents When Working Offshore

Oil rig accident

While working at the offshore fields, workers can come across some accidents. If you are planning to work offshore or you are already working there, then you should know a few details related to the type of accidents that workers can come across while working at these venues.

Most of the workers use to work at the gas and oil rigs in offshore fields. As far as working offshore is concerned, this is a tough job to handle though the rewards are many.

There are some dangers that workers can come across while working as well. As per HSE or known as Health and Safety Executives, during 2010-11, more than forty major injuries have occurred with the workers working at these places. This statistics also suggests that near about 151 workers can come across major injuries among every 100,000 workers working at the offshore fields.

When you are working at the offshore oil and gas rigs, you have to perform strenuous works, while handling the heavy machineries and you need to perform the job at the rough seas for long hours. This can always create a right chance for major injury. Deck accidents can even happen with the workers. Such accidents can happen due to the falling objects, raised loads and swinging cables.

Accidents can also occur due to the failure with machineries. As heavy machineries are constantly used for the works at gas and oil rigs, you cannot really say that accidents will not happen due to a machine failure.