Catering Roles

On an oil rig, good food ensures that staff are well fed, nourished and able to take on the challenges of the day. When the food is tasty and well prepared it is also a motivating factor for the crew. That’s why many oil companies today take great pains to ensure that the catering function is well structured and running smoothly. If you have an interest in catering and would like the added adventure of working on an oil rig, this could be the career for you. It can also be inlet to generate some oil rig experience if you’re hoping to get into a mainstream function. Some of the common catering roles on a rig are:

  • Camp Boss-Bears are the team overseeing the catering services. They will be responsible for the kitchen crew, the service team and inventory and supply of food. General salary for this level is about $ 45000 annually.
  • Head Cook or Head Chef as the name suggests is the lead chef in the kitchen. He decides the menu, orders the food and oversees his kitchen staff. When faced with any concerns he talks to the Camp Boss. Head chefs make about $ 45000 annually.
  • Steward or Stewardess takes care of helping out in the kitchen, serving and cleaning the eating area. They may also be responsible for cleaning the workers’ rooms. Salaries at this level are about $30,000 annually.
  • Bakers or Night Chefs are the team that take care of all the baking – bread or otherwise – for the crew. It is not cost-effective to order fresh bread from the mainland so it is usually baked onboard in the night by this team. This role is considered quite essential for the rig and these workers make about $45000 annually. They are also responsible for feeding the night shift teams.