Biggest Offshore Drilling Companies


As far as offshore drilling is concerned, this process included extracting the crude oil from the wellbores. These wellbores are drilled into the seabed with the help of deep-water drilling or shallow-water drilling systems. There are many offshore drilling companies located in this world. But some of them have really managed found a distinct position for their efficiency and work.

These companies use the most advanced drilling techniques in order to extract the crude oil and also use different high end drilling equipments like jack up rigs, submersible rigs, platform rigs, drilling ships and semi-submersible rigs.

In this regard, Baker Hughes is considered as one of the leading name in this business. This one is known as the top tier drilling company and having a solid track record in this business for last several years. This company is known to deliver solutions for the gas and oil operators so that they can make the best use of their reservoirs.

ENSCO is the next big name in this business. It brings energy to the rest of the world with its offshore drilling services. This company was also ranked at the top for eight categories during a survey conducted by the Energy Point Research.

HALLIBURTON, this name is always taken with a great gesture in this business. They are into this business since 1991. And they are also considered as the leading supplier of services and products for the energy industry. More than 75,000 employees are working for it in more than 80 countries across the globe.