Applying Tips

Once you have decided to apply for a job, here are a few tips that can help you do better on your application.

1. Take the time to understand and familiarize yourself with the jargons of the industry. It shows that you are particularly interested in the role and a future with this line of work. It will set you apart from other candidates who are also applying for entry-level positions.

2. Ensure all contact information is accurate and that you are reachable once your application goes out. A number of companies like to have telephonic interviews and will not waste time repeatedly trying to reach you. In most cases they will give you some notice before fixing the interview however on some occasions it is an impromptu discussion. It makes sense then to mentally collect your thoughts on some key questions as soon as you send your application.

3. If you don’t get a confirmation that your application has been received, don’t hesitate to follow up and obtain this confirmation. Many times emails get missed and yours could be the unfortunate one. It also indicates to the recruiting team how interested you are in the position.
4. Include a covering letter expressing why you have applied, how you learned about the position and why you are keen to work for that particular company. It should be crisp yet informative, indicating your professionalism, focus and drive.